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Reingruber, Schwarzenbach


Reingruber, Schwarzenbach

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Comfortable floor covering with elegant design

The customised fabric and textile supply company Reingruber in Schwarzenbach/Ober-franken has recently converted its factory sales showroom and has redesigned the rooms. On over 500 square metres, bright and spacious rooms invite customers to look and linger. The comfort flooring Knauf ONE Pro provides a perfect presentation.

Living with textiles - Shopping as an experience

For more than 50 years, Reingruber has supplied decorative, upholstery and curtain materials to brighten up the home. With a staff of 30, the company produces tailor-made customised items and supplies window decorations to large customers and specialist dealers. In two factory sales showrooms, customers can find a wide variety of fabrics and styling ideas - everything you could wish for, from traditional and classic to ultra-modern. Because of the extensive range, the factory showroom in Schwarzenbach was extended. The concept for the shop was to provide a bright and friendly atmosphere in which the goods could be presented in a subdued and elegant manner. In future, shopping was to be an experience for the customers. An important element of the new design was the floor, whose quality of appearance and material fits in with the range on offer.

Requirement for a large format genuine stone floor

Reingruber considered a genuine stone floor, as its appearance blends in with the overall impression and is also hard wearing and easy to clean. As well as this, no disadvantages with regard to building biology could be expected from a stone floor - something that was important to the developers. In spite of this there was hesitation: "I knew from colleagues that stone floors quickly produce fatigue and that sales staff complain of back ache and joint pain." He did not want to impose this on his staff. As genuine stone floors require a great effort for their installation and only a short time was available, he had to rethink, and ultimately decided on an uncomplicated floor solution.

A basis for good business - Knauf ONE Pro

After extensive deliberations by the planner Jürgen Bachmann and detailed advice from the Regional Flooring Manager Peter Hübner from Knauf Gips and Product Manager Frank Löbert, Knauf ONE Pro was selected. The large format elements (1,200 x 600 mm) of the comfortable floor can be floatingly installed and save time for installation, so that the 500 square metre was soon ready for occupation. Before installation, the old PVC floor covering had to be removed. Under this, the raw floor, laid directly on the ground, appeared. This was smoothed out by the floor installers and then covered with Knauf sealing "Katja Sprint" sealing sheets. This can be rationally installed without additional swelling adhesives and ensures permanent protection against damp. After this, the Knauf ONE Pro was installed. Thanks to the simple installation method and the low shrinkage and swelling behaviour of the GIFAboard substrate board, the large format elements were able to be laid without expansion joints. "In contrast to genuine stone floors, no pushing, levering or pressing was necessary. The considerably shortened the conversion phase - a decisive factor in view of the short time which was available", concludes Bachmann.

To promote an authentic appearance, Knauf ONE Pro was laid with real grouting. For this, it is sufficient to spread the dirt-repellent, ready-to-use material between the boards and to scrape it off with a rubber squeegee. Master carpenter Reinfried Raithel was also impressed by the lack of problems with Knauf ONE Pro. "In a few places we had to fit the floor elements individually and we were very surprised how homogeneous the material is." Raithel and his employees were able to cut the elements easily with normal tools and to form them to their individual shapes.

Worth looking down - Knauf ONE Pro for shopfitting

With its technical properties and multi-layer structure, Knauf ONE Pro is the ideal floor covering for shopfitting. It has a wear-resistant and easy to clean surface, which was specially developed for heavily frequented areas and stands up to heavy wear. This is ensured by the "Easy-Clean" protective layer with a wear-resistant coating. Below this layer there is the decorative print. High quality digital printing technology from Knauf Integral produces an unmistakably authentic stone floor effect, which also has the feel of a natural floor due to its three-dimensional surface structure. However, unlike a genuine stone floor, Knauf ONE Pro is warm underfoot, which is particularly pleasant due to the sub-floor which is laid directly on the ground. At the same time, the floor covering is gentle to backs and joints. Both of these properties are due to the cork composite "ErgoWalk" layer above the gypsum fibre substrate board. The "ComfortSound Acoustic Mat" made from natural cork, which is laminated underneath the gypsum fibre board contributes to the improvement of the room acoustics near to the floor.

However, Knauf ONE Pro was not only able to fulfil the utilisation-relevant requirements of the developers - it was also able to meet their ecological requirements: Due to the combination of gypsum and natural cork, it fully compatible with the building biology. A decisive advantage for this project was the fact that Knauf ONE Pro was able to fulfil the aesthetic requirements of a high quality, large format natural stone floor on the one hand, and on the other hand, the physical advantages such as rapid installation. "With this, we were able to fulfil the developer's wish for a natural stone appearance and still ensure a problem-free and rapid conversion", says Bachmann.


  • Project: Reingruber GmbH und Co. KG
  • Planning: Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Bachmann, Schwarzenbach
  • Implementation: Schreinerei Raithel, Münchberg
  • Consultants: Peter Hübner, Knauf Gips KG, Frank Löbert Knauf Integral