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Gifatec in use


Current references

  • EOS Krailing

    On the Krailinger Innovations Meile (KIM) a new building is being constructed for EOS, the technology and innovation leader for construction driven solutions in the field of additive production, an industrial 3D printing process Details of EOS Krailing
  • Reingruber, Schwarzenbach

    With its technical properties and multi-layer structure, Knauf ONE Pro is the ideal floor covering for shopfitting. It has a wear-resistant and easy to clean surface, which was specially developed for heavily frequented areas. Details of Reingruber, Schwarzenbach

Current references

  • Alte Verwaltung, Iphofen

    During the construction phase it was frequently obvious that GIFAfloor hollow floors and Knauf ONE Pro are a practical and simple system solution for modern interior fitting. Both guarantee rapid construction progress, acoustic quality and economic maintenance. Details of the Alte Verwaltung, Iphofen
  • Company headquarters

    The refurbishment of floors in public buildings is usually associated with short time windows and high demands for load bearing strength and stability. In order that operations can continue without interruption and the surfaces can be used again as soon as possible, many planners and developers decide on drywall floor constructions. These can be rationally installed and achieve high load classes in spite of their low weight. With hollow floors, underfloor heating systems can also be quickly implemented without dirt and directly on site. This is demonstrated by the latest installation of a GIFAfloor FHB plus hollow floor with air-conditioning function from Knauf Integral in 800 square metre entrance area of the headquarters of a large company. Details of company headquarters

Other references

  • Düsseldorf city gate
    Düsseldorf city gate
  • Graz Stadthallle
    Graz Stadthallle
  • C&A Brussels
    C&A Brussels
  • Dortmund city library
    Dortmund city library
  • Albion Riverside, London
    Albion Riverside, London
  • Highlight Tower, Munich
    Highlight Tower, Munich
  • Hotel Innside, Munich
    Hotel Innside, Munich
  • Nürnberger Versicherung
    Nürnberger Versicherung
  • Schwäbisch Hall building society
    Schwäbisch Hall building society
  • Gynaecological hospital, Berne
    Gynaecological hospital, Berne
  • Amorbach
  • Basel Rehab Clinic
    Basel Rehab Clinic