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Ideal for individual customised solutions - GIFAfloor FHB Akustik floor system

On the Krailinger Innovations Meile (KIM) a new building is being constructed for EOS, the technology and innovation leader for construction driven solutions in the field of additive production, an industrial 3D printing process. For economic reasons, the company decided to use active building components instead of suspended ceilings for the air-conditioning of the building. However, suspended ceilings are not only used to regulate temperature; with their high proportion of the ambient area, they also act as sound absorbers. As a result, a different solution had to be found. Because of this, the architect for the construction project chose the Knauf GIFAfloor FHB 32 floor system (hollow floor system). Thanks to its drywall construction, it can be installed extremely quickly and as an acoustic floor system it makes a considerable contribution to the improvement of the acoustics in the rooms.

Opposite to the EOS headquarters, the expanding company is building a new technology and customer centre. This creates additional space for a further 300 workplaces. The two upper floors of the new building will be used as office space. On the ground floor, in addition to the canteen, the employee's restaurant, a machinery development centre and a "transparent factory" are planned for presentation purposes. The basement will be used as an underground staff car park.

Individual customised solutions in the shortest possible time

Due to its versatile and competent partner network and its wide range of test facilities, Knauf Integral is able to develop, test and implement systems to meet individual requirements in the shortest possible time. As a result there were only a few weeks between the enquiry for the order and the installation of the first perforated gypsum fibre boards.

In the first step, various thicknesses of GIFAfloor gypsum fibre floor elements /hole diameter 12 mm) were drilled, in order to determine the load bearing capacity of the GIFAfloor floor elements. The strength required by the planners was able to be achieved with a board thickness of 32 mm. In small-scale tests, employees of Müller BBM carried out acoustic flow measurements, in order to find the optimal acoustic fabric for the requirements. In the final test setup, consisting of perforated boards with an acoustic fabric on the underside, as well as the required carpeting, the required degree of sound absorption of ɑw = 0,60 (LH) in accordance with ISO 11654 was determined. After only ten weeks, the individually tailored system was ready for installation on the construction site.

Floor systems for quick and simple installation

The individually tailored Knauf GIFAfloor FHB Akustik was installed on 3,400 square metres of the building and improves the room acoustics due to sound absorption. Due to the simple handling of the drywall floor system, this could be achieved without any complications and without the use of special tools. First of all, employees from Baierl & Demmelhuber installed the rigid GIFAfloor FHB Akustik gypsum fibre elements with the underside acoustic fabric floating on the variably adjustable hollow floor supports. The result with the boards connected by a tongue and groove system: an especially safe, stable, load bearing substrate. In addition to the simplicity of the system, the rapid installation of the floor was a decisive advantage. The large format boards (600 x 1200mm) enabled rapid installation and made it possible to complete the installation within a very short time. The drywallers installed inspection openings for the subsequent installations, as well as for future repair and maintenance work on the conduits and pipes underneath the hollow floor. With GIFAfloor FHB, these can be located anywhere. A short time later, the company Böhmer im Tal from Munich were able lay the required carpet on the smooth substrate.

Quiet room atmosphere for work

Knauf GIFAfloor FHB Akustik did not just demonstrate its practical advantages during the construction phase. The staff in the future company building will also benefit from the pleasant acoustic characteristics of the floor system. This regulates the acoustics and optimises the sound inside the rooms. It helps to prevent unpleasant noise levels and enables a quieter working atmosphere in the offices and conference rooms. This increases employees' ability to concentrate and also contributes to a pleasant room atmosphere in which the staff feel at ease.


  • Project: EOS Technology and Customer Centre, Krailling
  • Construction Management: BIP- Beratende Ingenieure für Bauwesen VBI GmbH (Munich)
  • Project Management: AIP Consulting München GmbH (Munich)
  • Planning: Martin Wißmann, bogevischs buero; architekten & stadtplaner gmbH
  • FHB Installation: Baierl & Demmelhuber GmbH (Tögin am Inn)
  • Carpeting: Böhmler im Tal (Munich)
  • Acoustic test facility: Müller BBM GmbH (Planegg)
  • Consultants: Ulrich Fries, Knauf Integral (Satteldorf)