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Alte Verwaltung, Iphofen

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Alte Verwaltung, Iphofen

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Successfully refurbished: Staff move in to their new, old administration building

As with any conversion, adherence to the construction schedule played a central role in the refurbishment of the old Knauf administration building. Because of this it was decided to use drywalling and in particular the advantages of GIFAfloor hollow floors as well as the comfortable flooring Knauf ONE Pro. Both of these can be rapidly installed and form a perfectly coordinated system. Because of this, the planning an implementation went smoothly, from the sub-floor to the decorative top covering.

In December 2012 the refurbishment of the Knauf administration building was completed in schedule. In addition to the offices, the building also includes several conference rooms, so that in addition to the room atmosphere, acoustic aspects also had to be considered in the design. A large number of windows and glass doors create a bright and open working atmosphere, which was also to be reflected in the design of the floor. The result of the conversion was very positively received by everyone. The atmosphere in the rooms is very pleasant - especially due to the new floors.

The different heights of the existing floors presented a challenge for the refurbishment of the administration building in Iphofen. In order to optimally compensate for this, GIFAfloor hollow floor with its flexibly adjustable supports was used, so that the sub-floor could be quickly installed without any complications. A further advantage of the GIFAfloor hollow floor is that it can be covered immediately and therefore provides an idea basis for Knauf ONE Pro.

After about three weeks, the entire hollow floor in the basement of the building was complete and the floor covering workers could begin laying the Knauf ONE Pro. Thanks to its universal groove-groove laying system it can be installed as a floating layer. Analogously to the FHB gypsum fibre boards it also has large format boards with a maximum size of 600 x 1200 mm which, with a small thickness of 14 mm, can be rapidly installed. Due to the profiled system edge of the board elements, precise joining is possible. Knauf ONE Pro can be laid in large areas and in long corridors without expansion joints, which provides a nicely uniform appearance.

Especially in a building which is frequented by large numbers of people, the materials which are used must comply with the current fire protection regulations. GIFAfloor FHB and the GIFAboard substrate board of Knauf ONE Pro fulfil the criteria of building material class A1. However, Knauf ONE Pro also has advantages which are relevant to its use: The floor surface is very wear resistant and resistant to abrasion, so that it forms a sound base in offices. Knauf ONE Pro can stand up to both chair rollers and pedestrian traffic.

The staff and visitors to the administration building benefit directly from the comfortable, ergonomic properties of the floor, because it is warm underfoot and gentle on the joints. Its heat compensating and low emission properties further underline its suitability as an office floor covering. In addition, Knauf Pro provides good room acoustics, which makes quiet working possible.

Finally, it fulfils the aesthetic demands for a high quality natural stone floor, because appearances such as stone, slate, concrete or metal are reproduced in faithful detail by a high quality laser printing method.


  • Project: Knauf Gips KG Alte Verwaltung
  • Construction Management: Knauf Gips KG
  • Project Management: Knauf Gips KG
  • FHB Installation: Rüttger Iphofen Carpeting: Böhmler im Tal (Munich)
  • Consultant: Frank Löbert, Knauf Integral