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Our range of raised access floor systems and solutions:

  • GIFAfloor FHB

    The high speed of the installation of this single layer hollow floor enables rapid completion. Installations are accessible at all times thanks to the immediate or later combination with Knauf Integral GIFAfloor BD, for example in corridors or as an installation route. Read more
  • GIFAfloor LBS

    The linear bearing floor system GIFAfloor LBS is ideal for applications of ceilings, mezzanine constructions, height extensions or wood beam ceilings with drywall methods. Read more
  • GIFAfloor Klima

    Our approved GIFAfloor hollow floors and linearly supported systems can be easily equipped with hot water underfloor heating and always ensure pleasant room temperatures. Read more
  • GIFAfloor DB raised access floor panels

    DB raised access floor raw panels are surface primed custom-cut boards for the industrial production of raised access floor elements. Read more

Raised access floors: Easy flooring solutions