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GIFAfloor Klima - Stable on the floor

GIFAfloor Klima

For comfortable heating and cooling systems.

Do you want to use your floor with underfloor heating or for air-conditioning? - Knauf GIFAfloor Klima enables you to do both. Our approved GIFAfloor hollow floors and linearly supported systems can be easily equipped with hot water underfloor heating and always ensure pleasant room temperatures. The great advantage of these systems: the rapid response time due to heating pipes installed directly below the surface. Because of this, the heat can be transmitted to the room directly through the floor covering. This saves valuable energy! An additional benefit: The systems can also be used for cooling in summer.

The floors are installed with pre-milled elements, but for large projects they can also be effectively and individually installed with subsequent milling on site. Grouting the heating pipes provides an optimum heat conduction and therefore high efficiency of the heating system. With the F199 GIFAfloor UB Klima system, Knauf Integral supplies a prefabricated dry screed, which fits perfectly for an hot water underfloor heating system.