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Floors, walls and ceilings

Quality for design

At Knauf, we know what customers need: GIFAboard gives architects and planners creative scope. Wooden, modular and prefabricated houses rely on tailor-made systems. Users rely on simple handling. Processors can expect top quality and the trade relies on absolute reliability.


  • Fire protection - Non-combustible material - Building material class A1

    Because fire regulations are becoming increasingly stringent – especially for public buildings – the fire protection requirements for projects are also increasing. With the highest fire protection class A1, GIFAtec from Knauf Integral fulfils the most stringent fire protection criteria. GIFAboard is therefore the first choice for preventative fire protection in room design.
    The European standard DIN EN 13501-1 classifies building materials according to their combustibility, behaviour in case of fire and the side effects of fire. The standard differentiates between non-flammable, low-flammability, normally flammable and highly flammable building materials. The highest building material class A1 is awarded for non-flammable building materials which comply with the test criteria. In addition to gypsum fibre, these include concrete, brick, iron, glass, granite and rock mineral wool.
  • Strength - High density GIFAtec material

    We produce our GIFAboard gypsum fibre boards in various thicknesses and standard and special sizes. All of these versions have the same thing in common: With their extreme strength they provide you with a drywall substrate which is both safe and has a high load bearing capacity.

  • GIFAtec properties

    GIFAfloor DB, the material for load bearing double floor elements
    • GIFAfloor FHB, high load bearing capacity drywall hollow floors
    • GIFAfloor LBS, linearly supported, free-spanning floor systems. Can also be used for platforms, ramps and stair constructions
    • GIFAfloor Klima, dry floor system for hot water underfloor central heating
    GIFAboard – functional in all applications
    GIFAboard can be quickly and easily integrated into your planning. From high quality ceiling and wall linings up to playful special shapes. With GIFAboard, customer requirements can be completely implemented
    • Cladding for walls and columns
    • Suspended ceilings and canopies
    • Impact protection
    • Bulletproof walls
    • Flexible working: bending and forming
    • Painting, glazing, veneering, coating and much more.
    • Regulates humidity and stores heat
    • Complete heating and cooling surfaces
  • Sound insulation - impressive appearance

    Our GIFAtec gypsum fibre technology offers you impressive possibilities for the interior design of ceilings and walls. However, particular in the floor area, impressive acoustic concepts can be individually implemented. Regardless of whether for lecture theatres, churches, classrooms or sports halls - ever room is different and requires its own acoustic concept.

Responsibility for people and the environment


Responsible treatment of people and the environment is a central aspect of our company philosophy. This is expressed to employees, customers and business partners. In addition, the economical use of resources is firmly anchored in our company policy. Specifically, in addition to natural gypsum, Knauf Integral uses REA gypsum recovered from flue gases and therefore conserves natural resources. The entire Knauf Group is also dedicated to the recultivation of former gypsum cuttings. This is carried out in coordination with local authorities and the environmental department. Knauf places a high priority on the cultivation of rare plants and typical regional flora. In this way, the recultivated gypsum cuttings blend in smoothly with their surroundings.